Karo Koru

As the global pandemic put my career as a Make-Up Artist on pause, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the things I loved doing but never had time for. Pottery, painting, knitting, and making jewelry. What began as arts and crafts with my son evolved into a beautiful diversion while staying safe at home. Each piece is wholly unique, made in my little home studio in Los Angeles. My desire to treat the world and myself a little better is expressed in each handmade piece. A small ode to my artistic childhood mixed with a need to make pretty things people can enjoy. Karo Koru is that tribute to my childhood, my homeland, and to you. 

About Karo

I grew up in Finnish Lapland surrounded by the quiet roar of lakes and forests. Living in and off nature instilled in me a considerable sense of responsibility to be a steward of the environment. When I was 7 years old, I told my mom that I wanted to move to Hollywood. She supported my dream and was unsurprised when I moved to LA to pursue my career as a Make-Up Artist in the world of fashion.I now happily call Los Angeles home.

My pieces reflect my philosophy to venerate nature and minimize the environmental devastation of our modern lives. The vision for Karo Koru is to tackle the high-waste in our industry by repurposing and recycling materials headed for landfills or worse. It’s my belief that small efforts made by many hands can make an immense difference.